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Satellite Image Processing in LPS

Sattelite LPS
Students, using tools available in LPS, work through the process of creating orthos from commercial satellite imagery. Using a variety of sensor models a photogrammetric workflow is followed: creating a blockfile; adding RPC information; collecting ground control; RPC refinement; creating orthos or orthomosaics. Following the creation of an output students learn how to check and analyze the accuracy of their final product. (2 day class)


Learn To:

  • Set LPS preferences for satellite image processing
  • Create a blockfile with commercial satellite imagery
  • Complete Internal and External Orientation: with or without RPCs
  • Collect GCPs using the Stereo Point Measurement Tool
  • Auto collect Tie Points
  • Add Check Points
  • Refine RPCs and Triangulate
  • Complete a workflow with no GCPs
  • Perform Rigorous Pushbroom Refinement
  • Create Orthos and Orthomosaics


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