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Introduction to IMAGINE Developers' Toolkit

This three-day advanced course will discuss and implement the integration of IMAGINE Developers' Toolkit into raster processing and raster interaction projects. Students will cover the IMAGINE environment and how to make it work for the developer. EML will be demonstrated in two distinct implementations. Students will learn two crucial methods of Toolkit integration while gaining a sound understanding of elementary Toolkit techniques and functions. This will include manipulating imagery data and interacting with that data via various connections between the data, IMAGINE Viewer, and the CellArray™. (3-day class)


 Learn To:

  • Understand and customize the ERDAS environment as needed for development
  • Create EML interfaces for static processing and continuous interaction
  • Develop programs using various methods of Toolkit integration
  • Create a raster processing job that can be executed via the command line, EML interface, or Batch Wizard
  • Build an application that utilizes the Pick and Selector objects to interactive gather information from the Viewer
  • Incorporate the CellArray into the application to display multiple image data sets for comparison


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