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  • Powerline Corridor Management

    Automatically roam while performing remote inspection and measurement
  • Terrain Analysis in ERDAS IMAGINE

    Painted relief, bare earth and contour information derived from LiDAR
  • Planimetric, 3D and cross-section SGM point cloud views

    Measurement and analytic capabilities to better understand your data
  • Using LiDAR to improve feature extraction

    Classify, filter, rasterized buildings and then display using dynamic shading
  • Point cloud cross-section and 3D view

    Leica RCD30 oblique sensor and ImageStation SGM derived point cloud


  • July 5, 2012
    A GeoSpatial Eye on Change Webinar (Australia)

    Do you have dated aerial imagery and need to map the constantly changing Earth? Have you purchased LiDAR data and want to ensure that you are maximizing your investment? This joint webinar with satellite data provider GeoEye will demonstrate how current satellite data can be used in combination with point cloud data to model urban areas in Intergraph’s geospatial software.
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  • May 15, 2012
    Data Management & Exploitation for the Utilities Industry

    Utility companies work with many kinds of geospatial data including LiDAR and imagery, and must efficiently manage and update asset information and also their land base. Given environmental and safety mandates that must be complied with, there are volumes of land use inspections, photos, field analysis and surveys that also need to be managed along with geospatial data. How can you create value added data products plus manage all of this information and get access to it when needed?
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  • May 2, 2012
    Maximize Your LiDAR Investment with ERDAS IMAGINE

    Whether collected by LIDAR sensors or created via stereo imagery correlation software, high resolution point clouds provide rich data sources for a variety of real-world applications. But, how do you extract this useable information from the data? During this webinar, Intergraph will illustrate how simple it is to ingest LAS-formatted point clouds in ERDAS IMAGINE and apply shaded relief and color wrapping for 2D viewing or open them in IMAGINE Virtual GIS for 3D viewing. In addition, we will demonstrate how to import different returns to a surface file, as well as the use of ERDAS IMAGINE’s DEM tools to conduct simple change detection analyses.
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  • October 31, 2011
    GeoMedia Smart Client

    Traditional geographic information systems (GIS) are well-suited for project or departmental use by experienced GIS users. However, working in multi-disciplinary environments introduces complex requirements and challenges that most conventional products cannot manage without extensive customization. During this webinar, we will introduce and demonstrate Intergraph’s GeoMedia Smart Client, which provides desktop GIS functionality through a browser-based product with the ability to dynamically change the user interface to match user roles or specific workflow steps.
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  • October 31, 2011
    Local Government – LiDAR and Disasters

    Point cloud data can serve as a valuable tool for disaster planning, response, impact assessment, and recovery efforts. This presentation examines the different methods of point cloud collection, including LiDAR and pixel correlation. In addition, we showcase tools available for managing, delivering, and exploiting those point clouds.
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